Diagnostics Solutions offers a variety of creative Clinical Laboratory Compliance solutions for our clients in the Diagnostics Industry, Clinical and Anatomic Pathology Laboratories, and Reference Laboratories. Experienced clinical laboratory consultants will assist your hospital or health system. Among them are areas of focus are:

  • Clinical Laboratory Consolidation
  • Clinical Laboratory Business Development
  • Clinical Laboratory Compliance
  • Clinical Laboratory Regulatory Compliance
  • Clinical Laboratory Data Analysis
  • Bis Data Analysis Services
  • Clinical Laboratory Inspection Assistance
  • Clinical Laboratory Inspection Survey
  • Clinical Laboratory Inspection Mitigation
  • Clinical Laboratory Molecular Diagnostics
  • Clinical Laboratory Covid Testing


  1. admin says:

    The Clinical Laboratory is undergoing tremendous change and some would even say upheaval. That includes staffing and expertise shortages, lack on funding for important initiatives, lack of space for new equipment, and constant changes in the demands of the regulatory agencies.
    What is the Clinical Laboratory management team to do? Expand and enhance your overall business objectives by developing a new busines model. Support your affiliated physicians and any affiliated institutions. Such as Nursing Homes, Rehabilitation centers, and palliative care centers. Overall, extend your services into your community.
    Also, if you are part of a network of hospitals, look to consolidate services with your partner institutions. This will help with staffing issues, save on capital equipment, supply, and reagents costs, and save on your overall budget.
    Stay tuned as I talk about specific areas in which I helped my clients with these specific issues and more!!
    Look forward to hearing from you.
    Alfred Palma

  2. Brianapobe says:

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